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Selective rage in the land of indiscriminate violence

Israel has been waging a dishonourable war against Palestinian civilians.  As the UN high commissioner for human rights Navi Pillay said, “there seems to be a strong possibility that international law has been violated, in a manner that could amount to war crimes”. Horrific images of Gaza’s blown up children are enough to justify calling […]

Syrian refugees become a potential flashpoint in Turkey

The anti-immigrant sentiment is growing as fast as the number of Syrians taking refuge in Turkey. Already home to more than one million refugees, Turkey’s open door policy is becoming more and more unsustainable. According to government figures, Turkey has 22 camps hosting 218,632 Syrians. The rest of the 1.05 million people are dispersed around […]

Andrew Mango 1926-2014

Dr. Andrew Mango, who died on 6 July 2014, at the age of 88 was an exceptional scholar, writer and journalist.  The author of a highly acclaimed biography of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and many other meticulously researched, finely detailed books on the country’s history and current affairs, he was perhaps the most prominent, respected  contemporary […]