Archive | November, 2014

ISIS’ growing sphere of influence in Central Asia and Caucasus poses new security risks for Turkey

The United Nations Security Council says foreign fighters are continuing to flood the world’s zones of conflict and in Syria and Iraq alone; there are 15,000 militants from more than 80 countries.  Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has told the Council that terrorism, drug trafficking and transnational crime was growing in intensity and feeding off each other. […]

Further trouble brewing around Turkey

Tensions have risen all around Turkey’s already volatile neighborhood over the past week. With NATO confirming what the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has been warning for some days now, Russia seems to be intent on grabbing more territory from Ukraine. Although denied by the Russian government spokesman, there are various sources […]

Chicken or the egg? Turkey’s society and politics are a reflection of each other

As a journalist espousing impartiality I do not like passing moral judgments on people and politics but a frighteningly obvious lack of consensus of what is right and wrong in Turkish public life is making it difficult to avoid. It has now become blindingly obvious that the Erdogan-Davutoglu led Justice and Development Party government and […]

On this Halloween, death and savagery became too real to be humoured

Using humour as a way of defying the ultimate fear- death- has been a common thread in many societies. The yearly celebrations since pagan times have manifested themselves as All Hallows’ Day in Christianity, as the Day of the Dead in pre and post-Columbian Mexico and as the secularised and commercialised Halloween festivities  elsewhere,  including, […]