Archive | December, 2015

Why is European response to Turkey’s spiralling violence so muted?

The deteriorating conflict in the south east of Turkey, which has already cost more than 500 lives, many of them civilian, is beginning to be noticed in Europe. The European Union, pre-occupied with its refugee crisis and so far willing to turn a blind eye to Turkey’s eroding democratic credentials, has finally released a statement […]

Could the Turkey-Russia spat derail Syria peace plan?

Friday’s UN Security Council resolution is a significant step towards a viable diplomatic solution to end the war in Syria. It is premature to be optimistic as sharp differences still remain among key external players involved in Syria’s devastating war, but this is by far the strongest initiative outlining a peace process and a road […]

Turkey and Russia – the importance of accountability to national security

A week after Turkish jets shot down a Russian warplane, tensions between Turkey and Russia show no sign of easing. On the contrary, the propaganda war unleashed by one beacon of authoritarianism against another is fast turning into pernicious blackmailing. Russia is claiming Turkey is illegally trading oil with ISIS and President Erdogan and his […]