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Turkey’s sweeping crackdown is not purely domestic

President Erdogan’s time-tested method of simultaneously entrenching authoritarian politics and unleashing a wave of nationalism is once again upon us. First, The National Security Council called for an extension to the three-month long state of emergency introduced after the failed coup in July; then the President has suggested that extraordinary measures were still necessary for […]

What is it the world does not understand about Turkey?

Two months and ten days after the July 15th bloody coup attempt, there is almost no doubt anymore about the seriousness of the attack on Turkey’s constitutional order and its elected government.  All international institutions and high-level officials have unambiguously condemned the failed coup and reiterated their support for the legitimate leadership of Turkey.  The […]

Ignore education at your peril

Turkey‘s seemingly never-ending political upheavals leave little room for discussion of other equally important issues, such as education. The value of education to Turkish society can never be overstated; it is particularly critical at times of crisis, when competency and rational thinking are needed more than ever. The subject of education may draw little debate in Turkey, but […]

Concern over the ferocity of Turkey’s crackdown widens

The Turkish authorities’ unprecedented purge after the failed coup attempt is fast becoming a descent into tyranny. With little or no judicial safeguards in place under the state of emergency, the sweeping crackdown against wide segments of society is causing long-lasting damage to country’s socio-political cohesion. Arrests, suspensions, dismissals, confiscation of assets and closure or restructuring of […]