Archive | March, 2017

After Europe, will Turkey review its ties with the US & Russia too?

Turkey’s engagement with the European Union has long been a “transactional” one, thanks to its accelerating slide toward authoritarianism in recent years. Had it not been for the urgent need to stem the tide of refugees heading for Europe, the Turkey-EU relationship would have hit a dead-end much earlier. Despite serious transgressions of rule of […]

Turkey’s war of words with Netherlands- what is at stake?

The ugly, unseemly dispute between Turkey and Netherlands shows no sign of abating. Riding the current wave of pre-election populism, leaders on both sides are resorting to excessive statements and actions. Undiplomatic moves and  tit-for-tat attitudes, further exacerbating the crisis, have already  given plenty to worry about; but it is the vitriol directed, not at […]

Turkey’s diplomatic tightrope

Tensions in Turkish-German relations are fast becoming a diplomatic breakdown between the two countries. This should be a serious cause for concern because it will have long-term repercussions, reaching beyond bilateral relations. The pro-government, nationalist media in Turkey is no stranger to insulting other countries with historically-ignorant, populist comments. It is more unusual for the […]