Firdevs Robinson | Firdevs Talk TurkeyAs a London-based journalist, Firdevs Robinson has been covering international affairs for three decades. For the first 25 years, she worked as a producer, reporter and finally as an editor at the BBC World Service, focusing on Turkey, the Middle East, Central Asia ,the Caucasus and Europe. After a year of television journalism, reporting on the British economy for the Turkish TV channel CNBC-e, and writing for websites including Open Democracy and The Foreign Policy Centre, she has now launched into a different kind of journalism. While travelling, writing and freelancing, this blog is her way of commenting and interacting on the subject that interests her most: her home country, Turkey.

Firdevs Robinson’s specific areas of interest are the domestic and foreign policies of Turkey and its place in the world. As an outspoken defender of freedom of speech and a proponent of high ethical standards in journalism, she also regularly writes about the media.

This blog takes its name from an American- English idiom “Talking Turkey”, meaning discussing something honestly, directly, and tackling difficult issues head-on.

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