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Question of democracy in the Turkish Republic

On the 29th October, the Turkish Republic marked its 94th anniversary. The Justice and Development Party (AKP) government has never concealed its distaste for secular, national commemorations. Instead, they have been promoting some significant dates from the Ottoman history and Islamic holidays as popular occasions to celebrate. With secularism eroding before their eyes, the non-AKP […]

Why is irredentism back in vogue in Turkey?

The fiery and undiplomatic language used by the President and the senior members of the government have often caused awkwardness and tension in Turkey’s foreign relations. Recently, it is the vitriolic and irredentist rhetoric of the opposition Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) that is starting to become an alarming trend. Even though the MHP had suffered […]

For Turkey’s opposition, it’s time to set aside its differences

Turkey’s main opposition the Republican People’s Party’s four-day Justice Congress in the western Canakkale region has come to an end with a five-article declaration. Building on the success of the 450-kilometre ‘Justice March’ from Ankara to İstanbul in March this year, the party was hoping to maintain the momentum of demand for an end to […]

Journalism is still a crime in Turkey

It has been called “Kafkaesque”, “surreal even by Turkey’s own standards”, “utterly absurd” and “tragicomic”. Some described it as an unprecedented attack to intimidate the independent media. The five-day long trial of seventeen journalists and executives of Cumhuriyet newspaper in Istanbul was widely seen as a “test for Turkey”. A joint statement by international observers […]