After Europe, will Turkey review its ties with the US & Russia too?

Turkey’s engagement with the European Union has long been a “transactional” one, thanks to its accelerating slide toward authoritarianism in recent years. Had it not been for the urgent need to stem the tide of refugees heading for Europe, the Turkey-EU relationship would have hit a dead-end much earlier. Despite serious transgressions of rule of […]

Turkey’s war of words with Netherlands- what is at stake?

The ugly, unseemly dispute between Turkey and Netherlands shows no sign of abating. Riding the current wave of pre-election populism, leaders on both sides are resorting to excessive statements and actions. Undiplomatic moves and  tit-for-tat attitudes, further exacerbating the crisis, have already  given plenty to worry about; but it is the vitriol directed, not at […]

Turkey’s diplomatic tightrope

Tensions in Turkish-German relations are fast becoming a diplomatic breakdown between the two countries. This should be a serious cause for concern because it will have long-term repercussions, reaching beyond bilateral relations. The pro-government, nationalist media in Turkey is no stranger to insulting other countries with historically-ignorant, populist comments. It is more unusual for the […]

Turkey- time for a reality check

Turkey, once described as “baffling”, has now become “unintelligible”. Looking from outside, it is hard to fathom how Turkey’s leaders could remain so oblivious to the fact that their policies are turning dangerously counterproductive. With the arrest of the German Die Welt newspaper correspondent Deniz Yucel, the total number of journalists in jail has reached […]