Lies, lies and more lies

The growing prevalence of disinformation or ‘fake news’ is harming societies, undermining democracy and threatening freedom of the media. Dissemination of false information and manipulation of public opinion have always existed as propaganda, but in recent years they became much more insidious and difficult to detect. According to Freedom House’s ‘Freedom on the Net 2017’ […]

Question of democracy in the Turkish Republic

On the 29th October, the Turkish Republic marked its 94th anniversary. The Justice and Development Party (AKP) government has never concealed its distaste for secular, national commemorations. Instead, they have been promoting some significant dates from the Ottoman history and Islamic holidays as popular occasions to celebrate. With secularism eroding before their eyes, the non-AKP […]

Guarding against tyranny – Snyder’s twenty lessons from history

I had already known that Timothy Snyder, a professor of history at Yale, was an exceptional researcher and writer. His 2010 book Bloodlands- Europe between Hitler and Stalin was truly eye-opening for those of us closely involved with the former Soviet Union and interested in the history of the last century. When his latest book […]