Turkey’s politics beginning to harm its economy

Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) policies are becoming a perfect example of how not to govern a country and manage a risky emerging economy. Ever since the aftermath of the failed military coup in mid-July, the government’s overall policy has been driven by two major concerns: dealing with internal and external security threats and […]

Turkey’s delight with Trump likely to be short-lived

Turkey’s increasing unpredictability was worrying enough. The new uncertainty that comes with the U.S. election victory of Donald Trump has exacerbated those worries. The world order as we know it is crumbling before our eyes, and there is little doubt that Turkey will be feeling the aftershocks stronger than most. Turkey was quick to congratulate […]

How many more red lines can Turkey cross?

Monday’s raid on the country’s oldest independent newspaper, Cumhuriyet, and detentions of 18 of its executives and journalists, will be remembered as a watershed moment for Turkey. It was the latest in the relentless crackdown and systematic purge of opposition, following a weekend of two new executive decrees, shutting 15 more Kurdish media outlets, sacking […]